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Welcome to Whiskey Hill Organic Soils located in the heart of the California Agriculture Community of Watsonville, California. We are the only local outlet for Worm Castings in Santa Cruz and Monterey Counties. Want to learn more?

What Are Worm Castings?

With the popularity of composting for green living and pesticide free growing  it’s no wonder worm castings have become so popular.
The process is pretty simple, all local compost is fed to our resident earthworms. They digest the organic materials and the resulting manure is known as worm castings.

Click here to see a 60 day elapsed time video of worms at work

The process begins with surplus horse manure which might otherwise be destined for the land fill.  This manure undergoes a natural composting process in which internally generated heat breaks down the material, killing weed seeds and harmful bacteria in the process.  The composted manure is then fed to worms which imbue it with colonies of micro organisms which aid the plants in extracting nutrients from the soil and in fighting off some insects and plant diseases.  Making for healthier, stronger plants in your garden or flower bed.

Click here to see the effects of worm castings in the garden

About Us

Whiskey Hill Soils is providing high quality worm castings in Watsonville, California. It is now more affordable than ever to grow organic.


“John has created a brilliant product, combining the rich soil building robustness of composted horse manure with the magical healing properties of worm castings. I was amazed to see how quickly my citrus plants responded to the application of a 1″ layer of worm castings applied to the base 8″ from the trunk. It was like a miracle, the depth of green in the leaves, the vigor of the tree in just two weeks. I’ll report back on how things look a few months down the road, and am thrilled at what I see so far. I plan to apply this to the rest of my plants and will let you know how they respond as well!”

“The leaves on my potted Bearss lime were turning yellow. I spread an inch of Castin 95 over the top of the soil then watered it in. Now the leaves have regained their bright green color. Thanks very much, Nancy”

Local Organic Grower
“Hi John…The soil was incredible!!! Garden is on fire! Thanks, Hayley”

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