Local Worm Castings! Worms digest horse manure and create organic fertilizer.

With the popularity of composting for green living and pesticide free growing  it’s no wonder worm castings have become so popular.
The process is pretty simple, all local compost is fed to our resident earthworms. They digest the organic materials and the resulting manure is known as worm castings.
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Feeding/Fertilizing Cannabis to Maximize Quality and Quantity

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As we all know cannabis is a weed. It’s a very versatile, adaptive plant species that could grow in the cracks of pavement in the sidewalk. One of the amazing things about our sacred plant is the more you nurture it, the more it can and will give back to you.

I see a lot of good cannabis, but not so much memorable amazing cannabis — I would like to see more. One reason I believe I see this is many talented growers stick to what they know and/or what works for them. While it’s true many growers improve their methods over time through research and trial and error, I still think some lack diversity in what they give their plants and miss out on really pushing the limits from good to great or even amazing cannabis that is memorable.
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How to Make Worm Castings Tea

Worm tea may not sound too appetizing but your plants will really love it. You can buy this amazing organic fertilizer here in Watsonville at Whiskey Hill Soils. Worm tea lets you fertilize without adding bulk to your soil and water your garden with something really “nutritious” for your plants. Your garden will practically jump up and shout “Hallelujah!” when fertilized with worm castings tea, and you will be amazed at the growth and flowering that results.

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